A Novel by David Hodgson

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When Seb Winter was twenty-one he married a very attractive make-up artist. What a mistake! A week later she left him.  After that disaster, his interest in the unfair sex was strictly limited and waned rapidly if he perceived any danger it might become too serious.

Just after his thirtieth birthday he met Alice Watson, a brilliant young art student. Seb was not really interested in art, but there again she was deliciously pretty so why not try his luck? He turned on all his self-deprecating charm but it failed miserably. She told her friends he was full of himself, too old and she did not like him.

A less than ideal start one might think so how it happened neither of them quite knew. It went surprisingly well until the day she told him she was pregnant. He was horrified at first but when their baby son, Piers, duly came along he was delighted. With his beautiful blue eyes, they both thought he was the perfect child. But behind Piers' big, beautiful blue eyes lay a shattering secret. 

*****Amazon : "A first rate novel telling the story of a truly heart rending conflict between the characters."  Alan Afriat

**** Amazon:  "Highly recommended," Howard Walden             Chaiirman 40/60 Book Club ......(more)  

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